Top 5 Online Marketing Tactics for 2013

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 25, 2013

Even Mad Men’s Don Draper would feel out of his element in today’s fast-paced marketing world.  New trends are always emerging, especially when it comes to building your brand and increasing your presence online.  That’s why we’ve created this brief look at the best marketing tactics modern businesses are using to get noticed and stay relevant.

#1:  Email Marketing

We all hate SPAM, but the statistics don’t lie.  With an average 50/1 ROI (return-on-investment), emails are still the best way to influence customers, generate sales, and boost brand recognition.  For best results, your email marketing campaigns should always provide customers with information that is helpful and relevant.  Including a contest, coupons, or other special offers can also help to create goodwill with your contacts.  

#2:  Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As an internet user yourself, surely you realize how powerful Google and other search engines are.  A good SEO campaign will ensure that when your customers go searching, they find your company at the top of the search results.  Think about the words and phrases that potential customers would use when searching for a business like yours, and develop a powerful search engine optimization campaign to promote those keywords.  What’s more, sites that rank well in the organic (unpaid) search results are seen as reputable authorities in their industries.  You want to make sure that your business is counted among them.   

#3:  PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)

SEO is a time-consuming process, and results don't appear overnight.  Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the quickest way to make sure that your products and services are instantly found on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Since you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, you can expect a well-crafted PPC campaign to drive customers to your site, increase conversions, and boost sales in less time than it takes to bring organic traffic to your site via white hat SEO processes.  We recommend PPC advertising for just about every company!

#4:  Online Display Advertising & Remarketing

Like PPC advertising, display ads and remarketing offer other ways to reach prospects and drive sales.  Display ads are designed to appear on relevant blogs, forums, and websites, featuring your graphics and promotions.  Remarketing ads are the same, except that these use a bit of code to track people who have already visited your website so that they can show your banner or display ad to them when they visit other sites.  Remarketing is a great way to remind people what you have to offer!

#5:  Social Media Marketing

Surely you don't need us to tell you how big social media has become.  Internet users spend a huge amount of time browsing Facebook, tweeting and retweeting their way through Twitter, and making connections via LinkedIn.  Advertising on popular social networks is an important way to reach consumers, build your fan base, and engage with existing customers.  Now more than ever, social media marketing is a must-have essential for any online advertising campaign!

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