Why Your Website is Dead and How You Can Bring It Back with Evolutionary Web Design

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 29, 2014

If your website is still sporting a traditional design, it’s not a matter of when the Grim Reaper’s going to come calling but how soon. Sluggish concepts that don’t adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors are a thing of the past, but there’s an emergent design approach that can give your site a whole new lease on life — Evolutionary Web Design (EWD).  

What is EWD”?

It’s the idea behind designing a new site — or redesigning an existing one — that can be continually optimized and enhanced according to what customers want (even if that changes from one minute to the next). Using metrics like A/B testing and analytics, a site must adapt and evolve to maximize the user experience. Sites that don’t adapt become stagnant, following the dinosaurs and dodo birds into extinction. 

So that’s it. Evolve or die. Your online customers want engagement, and they want it now. This means innovative designs, creative apps and content they can’t wait to share. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll find it somewhere else.

Which means your site must stay relevant. Always.

How an evolutionary site can help you:

·       Better Responsiveness — Its flexible design allows for effortless testing and revising, in order to best meet constantly changing customer behavior.

·       Simple Updates — Based on input from your team, new pages can be easily added and existing pages tweaked for better performance.

·       Numbers Don’t Lie — Hard data, which is much easier to argue than opinions, will drive your design — rather than your CEO’s subjective ideas on how your brand ought to look.

·       What You Say Matters — With ultra-relevant, of-the-moment content and imagery, your site will never grow old. 


How we create an evolutionary site:

First, Get Up and Running

Whether you’re re-tooling an existing site or starting a new site from scratch, the initial process has three stages:

·       Discovery

·       Strategic Planning

·       Design & Development

Find the Bugs, Kill the Bugs

No site is perfect right out of the box. We test all calls to action, page views, times on page, and so on, tweaking and re-tweaking in pursuit of the absolutely perfect user experience.

Keep It Fresh

With your business goals in mind, we keep tabs on the newest trends, conversion strategies, and customer behaviors, making monthly or quarterly recommendations to ensure an easy, effortless user experience.  

Look Beyond the Site

We analyze all of the ancillary branding tools that complement your website, including social sites, emails, logos, brochure collateral, tradeshows and videos, to ensure consistency across the board.

Test, Rinse and Repeat

Once the results come in, no strategy is safe. If it’s working, we make it work better. If it’s not performing, we adjust and revise it until it does.


Design a site that impresses your customers while giving them the website experience they’re looking for, and they will engage and share your brand with others. Great content is king, there’s just something about it that makes people want to pass it on. Which leads to sales and business growth.

This is where you want to be. And it’s where Evolutionary Web Design can take you.


Let ImageWorks make sure your marketing, branding and web design strategies are evolving just as fast as your customers are with a customized, start-to-finish plan.


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