Is your logo UGLY or just out of date? When should you refresh your logo?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 25, 2013

“Your baby is ugly.”

You just cant say that! One of the hardest subject matters for us to honestly address with clients is the appearance of their corporate logo. For many business owners their logo is like a child and they’re understandably protective of it and find it nearly impossible to see the reality that their logo just might be well, ugly...

“Yes sir, your logo looks great….the 1995 SWOOP and the cool outer glow effect from Photoshop1.2 are awesome! The font rocks….Times Roman right? Yes, I know everyone tells you it’s great…and kudos to your cousin’s son who came up with the concept…”

No, those thoughts never run through my head while listening to a client’s hundred and one reasons why their logo rocks. Never crosses my mind : )

Actual “Slice of Life” Example:

Recently we re-branded the Scott-Long Construction logo which had been the same for 50 years.  It was a good logo, but was growing out of date. We were able to maintain the personality of the logo, while bringing a modern fresh look and feel that went well with the rebranding of the new site, brochures, signs etc. BUT it was not an easy process. It took time and vision. After many rounds of revisions we finally had a logo we all loved. There was much internal resistance and the project nearly got canned, but a year later the good folks at Scott-Long will tell you how dramatic the change in their brand has affected the perception of their organization.

You can see their new logo live here

Why you SHOULD do it.

If you read this far, your logo probably does need work, and your subconscious knows it (we aren't saying it's ugly!) …but here are the real reasons to take the time to keep your logo fresh: 

  • It shows your care about your brand and are on top of the times, which tells your customers how you will treat their respective interests in your business.
  • Older logos will not “match” with new media such as web redesigns, email and landing pages, blogs, etc.
  • It creates rejuvenation in your brand image and amongst your customers.
  • It increases morale internally.
  • Every big brand you can imagine has done it, numerous times.

Take a look at this brilliant article that shows the EVOLUTION of major brands. It’s a walk down memory lane and you can easily see that if some of these companies had stuck with their original or even the 2nd or 3rd version of their logo the brands would look like a teenager today wearing parachute pants and members only jackets (well that fad will probably return soon). Here’s the article:


or Google:


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