How Much Does Professional Website Design Cost in 2022?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 09, 2022
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If you’re looking to launch or revamp your company’s website, chances are you’ve thought, “how much does professional web design cost?” The short answer: it depends on the website size and the features/functionality you want. There are many factors that influence the cost of web design, with professional web design prices ranging from $2,500 to well over six figures for an initial site strategy, design, and development.

This range may be broad, but take time to consider all the deliverables that go into your website design, such as planning, copywriting, animations, graphic design, database integration, coding, web maintenance, custom-built backend systems, and e-commerce. Website hosting, updates, SEO, and much more!

Small Business Website Design Cost

The design complexity and number of pages drive the web design cost up for smaller, front-end websites. If the site is under 5 pages, a simple - yet professional - the website can be done for under $3,000. Alternatively, you can create a do-it-yourself site for free, or you can hire an offshore contractor and put up a site for under $500. However, it is unlikely either of those two solutions will help your business grow and impress customers. Also, consider how there are a lot of associated costs with any website built in a Content Management System (CMS). Hosting, website maintenance, security and version updates, responsive adjustments for devices, bug fixing, UX enhancements, integrations - the list goes on!

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Intermediate to Advanced Web Design Cost From A Web Design Company 

Most established web design companies, website designers, website design businesses, or ones that want to enter the market to impress will opt to build a more intelligent website that is aligned with their brand and marketing strategies. These websites include strategy planning, goal setting, and tracking, lead capture and nurturing systems, databases, sales AI, custom visuals, integrations to back-end apps and portals (like CRMs), and more. This level of web design ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 on average for initial builds with responsive web design.

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2022 Website Design Cost Factors & Features



Site Size & Design Style

Home pages range from $1,500 to $5,000, and additional pages can cost between $350 to $700 per page, pending complexity, style, and functionality.

Site Copywriting & Storytelling

$150 to $500 per page. Optimizing your existing content is more affordable than researching and writing all new stuff

Responsive WebDesign Cost

$2,000 to $5,000 if sold separately. However we would never recommend this approach, as it's outdated. (We build this into every website ImageWorks creates, but we’ve seen other vendor charge it separately)

Site Optimization 

$900 to $2,500+ per month, pending link building as well as number of pages and keywords targeted.

CMS Integration

A simple, single-page site in raw HTML can take less than one hour to code, however, it would not accomplish any meaningful goals for a business. 

E-Commerce Functionality

$2,000 to $25,000. Loading a plug-in-play cart is simple, but customization to make it work for you and your products/services takes extra time and coding.

Database Integration

Most CMS programs have databases included, however, integrating them with other web applications or building custom solutions can range from $1,500 to over $100k.

Strategy Planning

$1,000 to $10,000, pending complexity of site. Sometimes this is worked into a monthly cost for ongoing support.

SSL Certificate

$50 annually, plus some coding time to install.

Site Hosting Service

$75 to over $500+ per month. Managed hosting with tons of resources and applications can be expensive, but most sites are fine with shared hosting on a business class server.

Lead Capture/Contact Forms

About $500 per form.

Web Maintenance to Add A Blog

Adding blog functionality, including design of all relevant page styles, navigation, and coding cost can range from $1,500 to $3,500.

Compliance Cost

If your website is considered a place of public accommodation - and commercial websites often are - you’ll want to make your website accessible to users with assistive technology, such as screen readers. Services begin around $500, and custom packages are available for those with large databases and PDF libraries. 

As we’ve said many times in this post, your web design services and website cost comes down to what you need to get out of your web site designed and how advanced you want it to be. If you need help determining what that is, we recommend reaching out for a chat with one of our web design experts.

By Scott Margenau & Jordan Latham

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