Website Design Options & Pricing Guide

A lot of work goes into your website design and the story it tells, as well as the planning behind it. At ImageWorks, we bring together a team of top-level talent that works with best-in-class tools and techniques to create innovative concepts, engaging brands, advanced websites, and intelligent marketing campaigns. Unlike freelancers and web design shops, our full-service agency takes the time to think critically, discuss thoroughly, and plan effectively - so that you get the results your business deserves.


Website & Brand Strategy Planning, Goal Setting and Conversion Planning

Without a plan and a direction, and the ability to measure and optimize your site based on user performance, any website is at a serious disadvantage in a competitive market.

$1,000 - $3,500

pending project complexity.

Custom Homepage Design, Website Style Guide, and Coding

Responsive design and coding in Drupal or WordPress CMS. Includes homepage design, subpage style guide, form style, site style & typography guide. Includes 5 total pages coded based on approved style.

From $4,500

Discuss your exact needs.

Additional Subpages or Forms

Following the style guides of your website and subpages we easily and affordably add additional pages. Includes use of stock photography and illustrations, with minor edits.


per each additional page that follows an approved template style.

Adding Custom Subpages

Many of our clients want each page laid out for specific user experiences, much like a homepage. This takes more time and yields an awesome customer experience. Includes photo manipulation and edited illustrations. Custom illustrations or animations require a separate quote based on scope.


Discuss what custom pages are and how they affect the user experience.

Adding a Blog

Blog home, details and infrastructure Drupal or WordPress CMS. Content migration is billed separately.


Landing Pages

A conversion-driven page, laser focused on usability and built for measuring success.



Connect with people and get the exact information you need - without giving up personal email addresses.


Backend Portal

Building a login, admin, members or account based functionality.

Quoted by scope of work.

E-Commerce Cart

Adding a WooCommerce cart or a Drupal commerce cart.

Quoted by scope of work.

Portfolios / Galleries

These can be as simple as an install, or totally custom built.

From $500 to $3,000+


Connect your CRM, payroll, hiring engine, backend portals for clients, etc. to your website for a seamless user experience.


per common integrations. (Mail, Marketing Automations, CRMs, Job boards) Unique integrations may require a quote once we measure difficulty on install.


Make your site sizzle with engaging animations and movement across key pages.


for most animations.

Homepage Content & Structure

Distill the essence of your brand experience into the text that will appear on your website’s homepage. We craft your brand’s story through an engaging, informative, and outside-looking-in perspective.


Required, as this determines everything that matters in how users interact.

Content Writing & Conversion Optimization

Your website content and the story you tell is a major factor in how well your website functions and converts.We can either optimize existing content for SEO and conversions, or start from scratch.

$160 per page
Optimization form provides content.

$500 per page
New content from scratch. Includes research and collaboration.

Website maintenance and UX Optimization

Continually keep your site secure, optimized, and updated for the latest behavior changes and trends through a dedicated maintenance plan or hourly support. We highly recommend one of our plans.

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Managed Website Hosting

Host your website on our shared server (exclusively with other ImageWorks clients) or let us manage a virtual private server (VPS) on your behalf.

shared on our private CMS ready servers

for a private server. (your own machine and no shared hardware or bandwidth)

As you can see there is a lot to consider, and websites in fact are modular and highly customizable. The information above hopefully helps you understand the basic ballpark of a top notch professional planned and designed website.

To discuss exact details, pricing and options you can simply contact us here or book a call to Google Meet here.